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Diversity Religious recognition in Switzerland—a cantonal affair

A multicultural society is often a multi-religious one. How can Switzerland best manage its growing diversity and the frictions which can arise?

Vote May 21, 2017 Let’s not jeopardise our liberal, secure and inexpensive energy supply!


The new energy law costs a fortune, sets unattainable targets and would deprive citizens of their decision-making powers on an unprecedented scale.

Religious Minorities Is the Swiss burka ban a tyranny of the majority?

In a direct democracy, does the banning of new minarets, burkas and the ritual slaughter of animals discriminate against religious minorities?

IOC versus voters Sion 2026: an un-Olympic dream


Voters may have said no to Graubünden’s candidacy for the Winter Olympics 2026, but Switzerland could still be in the running to host the event.

How representative? Spain tests new forms of citizen participation


Is random election of representatives the key to revive democracy? One thousand citizens selected arbitrarily were called to the ...

May 21, 2017 vote Voting on Switzerland’s energy future

The Swiss must decide if they are ready give up nuclear energy and rely more on renewables, as part of a vote on May 21.

Poll New energy strategy poised to receive green light

A new energy strategy is expected to see an easy victory at the ballot box in Switzerland on May 21, according to a survey published on Friday.