Vote May 21, 2017 Let’s not jeopardise our liberal, secure and inexpensive energy supply!


The new energy law costs a fortune, sets unattainable targets and would deprive citizens of their decision-making powers on an unprecedented scale.

Golden eagle The raptor with the unjustified bad rap

This is the only large Swiss predator that survived the days when the bearded vulture, the lynx, the wolf and the brown bear were exterminated.

Chocolate trade Agronomist wants to ensure fair means fair


A Swiss start-up wants to ensure Ugandan cocoa farmers get the share of the chocolate market they deserve.

May 21, 2017 vote Voting on Switzerland’s energy future

The Swiss must decide if they are ready give up nuclear energy and rely more on renewables, as part of a vote on May 21.

Fish families Evolution on a Swiss scale

Research on one of Switzerland’s most popular fish provides new insights into the consequences of dwindling biodiversity.

Biodiversity conservation ‘I hope we’ll find ways to coexist with bears’

In terms of biodiversity, Switzerland is doing very badly, finds the head of conservation biology at the University of Bern.