Energy Strategy 2050 Swiss press reacts positively to energy legislation

A majority of commentators are pleased with voters’ decision to withdraw from nuclear power and promote renewable energies.

Bertrand Piccard “There is big resistance to the energy transition in Switzerland”


Bertrand Piccard has twice made memorable global circumnavigations: our only limitations are in our minds, he tells swissinfo.ch.

A biting issue Coming to Switzerland? Watch out for ticks

A cold winter in Switzerland has meant that there is now an above-average number of ticks around already this season.

May 21 vote Centre-right voters hold the key in energy ballot

​​​​​​​ Support for the government’s energy policy appears to be waning but voters are still likely to approve a phase-out of nuclear ...

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Population density Is Switzerland crowded compared to other countries?

How densely populated is Switzerland compared to its neighbours? The growth has led to many calls over the years to limit immigration.

SolarStratos Stratospheric plane begins test flights

An experimental stratospheric solar plane has begun its first test flights in Payerne in western Switzerland.