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CBD ‘Swiss marijuana champion’ finds new markets with ‘cannabis light’


There’s decaffeinated coffee, alcohol-free beer, and now marijuana that doesn’t make you high. A producer reveals the hidden side of the market. 

Summer in Bern Floating through the Swiss capital!

Fresh splashes of glacier water, happy squeals, heads bobbing up and down – even a dog or two: for first-time visitors to Bern, the River Aare is ...

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Religion behind bars Prison imam fights Muslim radicalisation

One in three prisoners in Switzerland worship Allah. But only a few jails allow imams to visit. The regional jail in Bern is one of them.

Nouvo Protecting animals

Guinea-pigs can’t be kept on their own without a friend in Switzerland – and this is just one of the country’s animal protection laws, there are ...

Success story From refugee to lawyer

Seth Médiateur Tuyisabe arrived in Switzerland as a refugee at the age of nine. Now he is taking exams to become a lawyer.

Harry Borer Modest director of luxury brand Rolex dies

Harry Borer, the long-time director of the Swiss luxury watch brand Rolex, has died at the age of 89. He was a modest man who shunned the ...

People and predators Wolves: welcome or worrying?

Should an area in south-western Switzerland be a predator-free zone? A local initiative wants to eliminate protected species like wolves.

Getting behind the wheel Will the Swiss be driving at 17?

Young Swiss looking forward to getting their driving licence may be able to get on the road sooner than they used to. The Federal Roads Office is ...

Cast a spell A modern-day school for witches

There are said to be around 1,000 modern-day 'witches' living in Switzerland. One of them is Calluna from Kallnach, in canton Bern.

A giant tradition St Bernard puppies found new homes

In March, the Barry Foundation celebrated the arrival of two St Bernard litters. The dogs were traditionally used to rescue people from avalanches.