Diversity Religious recognition in Switzerland—a cantonal affair

A multicultural society is often a multi-religious one. How can Switzerland best manage its growing diversity and the frictions which can arise?

Swiss salaries: software developers Do software developers earn less than bus drivers?

A recent report on Swiss salaries left many wondering whether software developers really only earn a mediocre amount compared to other professions.

Swiss salaries: Teachers How well does Switzerland pay its teachers?

In a comparison of Swiss salaries, teachers do fairly well with earnings above many other professions. But is there more to the story?

Swiss salaries: pastors Why do Swiss clergy earn so much?

A recently published guide to Swiss salaries revealed some outliers that intrigued our readers, so we looked into them.

Pro Senectute A century serving the elderly

As Pro Senectute, the leading voice of the old in Switzerland, celebrates 100 years, we look at some striking images from their vintage campaign.

Utopian or realistic Seeking to reconcile democracy and economics

The political left in Switzerland wishes to rejuvenate its founding idea and move beyond capitalism.

Working outdoors No future in forestry

Even though forestry and logging are popular apprenticeships in Switzerland, only a few trainees stay on and join the profession. (RTS,

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Comparing pensions People are living longer. Will it mean more work?

International statistics add context to the interconnected debates in Switzerland over retirement age, longevity and pensions.

#WeAreSwissAbroad: Nino Niederreiter Chur's hockey talent at home in Minnesota


Nino Niederreiter is currently one of the two best Swiss ice hockey players. The Minnesota Wild forward is now in his eighth season in North America.