Bullets: big business, despite a decline in sales
Winterthur has been an area of concern for potential jihadists
ICRC President Peter Maurer condemned the attack in Afghanistan
Gambia's defeated leader Yahya Jammeh waves to supporters departing from Banjul airport 
Tamils in Switzerland have called on the UN to investigate alleged atrocities during Sri Lanka's civil war
China's President Xi Jinping and Swiss counterpart Doris Leuthard at Davos on Tuesday
Protesters were restricted to a small area a few hundred metres from the Swiss parliament square
A court drawing of defendants and police officer at the Bellinzona Islamic State trial in March 2016
Switzerland's efforts to get the International Criminal Court to arbitrate on Syrian war crimes was vetoed in 2014
Switzerland has a “small number of networks” that finance terrorist organisations
ICRC personnel and family members laid roses outside headquarters to staff who lost their lives while assisting victims of war