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September 23, 2018 ballot Swiss to vote on enshrining cycling in the constitution

Promote bike transport and build suitable infrastructure: this is the objective of a proposal to enshrine cycle paths in the Swiss constitution.

Alpine guides This profession calls for you to put your life at risk

When a fatal accident happens in the mountains, many question the judgement of the guide. speaks to one about how to keep safe.

Swiss-EU relations Brussels’ man in Bern hints at Swiss protectionism

The EU ambassador to Switzerland highlights the benefits for Switzerland of close relations with the EU but warns against anti-EU discrimination.

Bedlam strikes GAM: hard times on Hardstrasse

Prime Tower, a glittering skyscraper on Zurich’s Hardstrasse, is usually a place of relative calm and Swiss efficiency. One week ago, however, ...

Work experience Refugee farmer project helps facilitate integration

The promoters of a three-year project for refugees to work on Swiss farms has been hailed as a success, despite organisational shortcomings.