Credit Suisse ploughs on

Credit Suisse will continue to cooperate with the United States authorities in the ongoing tax dispute, although no end to the probe is in sight, CEO Brady Dougan has said in an interview with the Swiss investment magazine Finanz und Wirtschaft.  

Anti-crisis tool

The debate on the merits of a minimum wage can be heard far beyond the borders of Switzerland, where voters will decide on May 18 whether to adopt a nationwide limit. Many western and emerging nations are also grappling with the issue.  

Swap shop

Offset, as it’s known in the trade, is a term that has frequently been heard in the Swiss debate on buying 22 Swedish Gripen fighter jets. But, ahead of a nationwide vote, past experience of industrial back-scratching isn’t exactly encouraging.  

Employment squeeze

Half of Swiss companies expect the recent vote to restrict the inflow of European Union workers to have a negative impact on their ability to fill jobs, according to a survey. At the same time, 36% of professions are experiencing a talent shortfall.  

UBS helmsman

In late September 2011, the high command of UBS gathered in Singapore for a series of crucial meetings. A week earlier, the Swiss bank had uncovered a $2.3 billion (CHF2.02 billion) loss caused by a rogue trader in London, and the lender’s leadership was under intense pressure to respond.  

New era

Whether you trace them back to Assyrian trading networks in 2000BC, or only as far as the mid-19th century when the modern cross-border joint-stock company was born, multinationals have had a good run.  

Dirty assets

As elections get underway in India this week, much of the campaigning debate has centered around corruption, the flood of illicit money fleeing the country and the tax havens, like Switzerland, that are believed to shelter these assets.  

Legal bite

Technology group Kudelski has said that its OpenTV and Nagravision subsidiaries have filed a lawsuit against Apple Inc in a court in northern California, alleging the iPhone maker has infringed five United States patents.  


The world’s biggest cement producers Lafarge and Holcim have announced that they plan to merge. In an industry marked by over-capacity and clear scale benefits this seems to be a smart move. But big mergers often look good on paper while they destroy value during the implementation phase. Christian Stadler of Warwick Business School takes a look at the plusses and minuses.


MassChallenge comes calling

Switzerland’s entrepreneurs who want to go global have trouble finding local markets and support, so they’re increasingly seeking fertile ground in the United States. Now, the largest-ever startup support programme has come calling in Bern to boost Swiss-American business relationships.  

Under pressure

The United States pressured the watchmaking Swatch Group to open its factories in Switzerland to anti-terrorism experts, the chief executive has revealed in a newspaper interview.