The week ahead On the map: Two Swiss cities seek global attention


Here are some of the stories we’ll bring you the week starting February 27.



In an interview with, this year’s Swiss president Doris Leuthard says Brexit and the election of Donald Trump are two reasons she feels there is ‘a lot more uncertainty’ in the world today.




The new United States’ administration is challenging the legitimacy of the United Nations. We take a look at the potential threat to UN institutions in Geneva and America’s closely interwoven history with the international Swiss city.



How certain are you that the medicines you buy are not fake? Counterfeit drugs are a billion dollar business in Europe alone, and taking them can endanger your life. We look at efforts to combat counterfeits in the pharma industry, including the Swiss super cops hired to investigate illegal activity.



We meet the man whose dream is to bring the Winter Olympics to Switzerland for the first time in more than 70 years. Christian Constantin believes his ‘Sion 2026’ plan is adapted perfectly to the International Olympic Committee’s ‘Agenda 2020’external link, which calls for a move away from the gigantism seen in Sochi three years ago.


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