Comedy programme Late night TV show deemed biased

Michel Deville presents the late night comedy show on SRF public TV


The ombudsman’s office of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) has criticised a satirical programme on SRF public television about nuclear energy.

The office said the programme, broadcast just days ahead of a nationwide vote last November on limiting the lifespan of Switzerland’s five nuclear reactors, failed to comply with the editorial guidelines of a public service media.

In his report published on Sunday, the ombudsman for the German-language radio and television programmesexternal link, says the rules on neutral and unbiased journalism applied also to comedy shows, and particularly ahead of votes and elections.

The ombudsman said the host of the programme, Deville Late Night, had repeatedly taken sides for a nuclear phase-out.

Although a presenter is allowed to have a personal opinion on the use of nuclear power, the ombudsman continued, “the programme must not used to make propaganda”.

SRF, a sister unit of, argued it was admissible for a satirical show to be one-sided.

Michel Deville is the author of a popular satirical video on US President Donald Trump, based on a Dutch TV programme. with agencies/ug