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Félix Vallotton: Precious Moments


Sur la plage, 1899, oil on cardboard

(Private collection)

Les planches à Etretat, 1899, oil on cardboard

(Private collection)

Le bain au soir d'été, 1892, oil on canvas

(Kunsthaus Zurich, on loan from the Gottfried Keller Foundation)

Femme au bain se coiffant, circa 1897, tempera on cardboard

(Private collection)

La plage à Honfleur, 1919, oil on canvas

(Private collection)

Femme nue tenant un livre, 1924, oil on canvas

(Kunsthaus Zurich)

L'attente, 1899, tempera on cardboard

(Private collection)

Femme faisant une réussite, chambre verte, 1912, oil on canvas

(Private collection)

Environs de Lausanne, 1900, oil on canvas

(Private collection)




Around 50 works by the French Swiss painter Félix Vallotton are on show at the Kunsthaus Zurich. The pictures, of which half come from a private collection and the other half from the Kunsthaus, show idyllic scenes – but with a subtle social criticism beneath.

The works from the private collection, whose owners wish to remain anonymous, and from the museum were mostly painted between 1895 and 1912. This was the most productive and successful period in Vallotton’s life. The Lausanne artist had moved to Paris at the age of 17, but battled health and financial problems for years.

The title “Precious Moments” is meant to be ironic, referring to Vallotton’s criticism of the bourgeois society of the turn of the century.

(Pictures: Kunsthaus Zurich)

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