Suburban inspiration

Inside the Swiss Pavilion


Rigidity, 2009

Untitled, 2013

The Dogs, 2006

Untitled, 2009

Primitive results, 2009

Der Garten der beunruhigenden Litaneien, plic, plic ploc, 2013

Roger, 2012

Ciao n°6, 2013

Untitled, 2013

löweNzorn, 2010

The Man Who Swings (bronze), 2008

imperia V, 2012




Valentin Carron took inspiration from the urban sprawl of his native Rhone Valley in canton Valais in preparing his sculptural work on show at the Swiss Pavilion in this year's Venice Biennale.

The 35-year-old lives and works in Martigny. "The valley is one long suburb," Carron recently told a newspaper. "I love the agglomeration and the surrounding area." He is not alone in being inspired by the area. Ursula Meier recently used it as a stage for her award-winning film Sister.

In Venice, Carron adorned the Swiss Pavilion with an 80-metre long snake made out of forged iron. The two-headed monster winds its way through the rooms.

The exhibition runs until November 2013.
(© Valentin Carron/Courtesy Galerie Eva Presenhuber, Zürich. Bilder: Stefan Altenburger, Philipp Hitz, André Morin)

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