Café culture

Splendour in the coffee house


Belcafé, Zurich

Odéon, Biel

Café Romand, Lausanne

Alte Oehle, Thun

Tea Room Métropole, Sierre

Chez Andy, Zurich

Café Vordergasse, Schaffhausen

Zum Kuss, Basel

Tea Room Brändli, Aarau

Remor, Geneva

Hanselmann, St Moritz

Café Saint Pierre, Lausanne

At Angelika Kauffmann's, Chur

Ravelli, Locarno

Odéon, Zurich

Tea Room Comte Michel, Bulle

Hotel Albrici, Poschiavo

Café du Centre, Pully

Café du Coin, La Chaux-de-Fonds




The Swiss are keen coffee consumers and they like to drink their cup in the company of others. The numerous cafés - often extensions of confectionary shops - are part of Switzerland's everyday life and the country's architectural heritage.

A booklet by the Swiss Heritage Society, Die schönsten Cafés und Tea Rooms in der Schweiz (Switzerland's most beautiful cafés), presents a selection of 74 sites from across the country.

It includes traditional cafés, stylish espresso bars, wood-panelled interiors in the rural Lower Engadine valley and light-flooded new sweet shops in Geneva, as well as architectural objects from Basel in northern Switzerland to Lugano in the Italian-speaking south.

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