Crane enabled

Art installation “Hafenkran” (harbour crane) finally stands in position on the Limmatquai in Zurich on Thursday. The rusty crane, built in 1963 in the German port of Rostock, weighs 90 tonnes with a height of more than 30 metres.  

Unique job ad

The community of Solothurn has placed a job advertisement for a local hermit to continue a 600-year-old tradition. But this time, they are looking for someone who’s social enough to get along with curious tourists and locals.  

Andrea Garbald

The Graubünden Museum of Art in Chur is devoting an exhibition to pioneering Swiss photographer Andrea Garbald (1877–1958), who worked his entire life in the southern alpine Bregaglia valley.  

Disputed deity

A 16cm stone statuette purportedly representing the deity Ekeko should be returned to Bolivia, stressed the country’s foreign minister, David Choquehuanca, during a visit to the Swiss capital on Friday.  

Tale of two expats

There are lots of reasons why you might apply for US citizenship, but few would admit that they needed it in order to get a liquor licence or a bank loan. That, however, is the story of two Swiss immigrants.  

Icy outpost

Dikson – 650 souls, deathly cold in winter, but 23 hours of daytime as of April: it’s the northernmost settlement in Russia, split between the mainland and a nearby island. Swiss photographer Beat Schweizer travelled there to figure out how people can live in such a place.  

Urs Widmer

Urs Widmer, one of the most famous contemporary authors in the German-speaking world, has died in Zurich after a long illness. He was 75.  

Expat literature

The vast majority of English-language books in Swiss bookshops are imported. Some, however, are conceived and published in Switzerland, often by Bergli Books. It’s a niche market trying to compete in the digital world.  

Inside North Korea

Oppressive, prickly and nuclear, North Korea is the last place you’d want to ski. And yet a visit to the country’s newest – and only – luxury ski resort brings adversaries together for a few days of relative normalcy and fun. That’s a good thing, right?  

Shigeru Ban

Japanese star architect Shigeru Ban, who has designed various buildings in Switzerland, including the Tamedia office in Zurich, has been awarded the 2014 Pritzker prize, regarded as the world’s top architecture award.  

Swiss Film Awards

The drama “Der Goalie bin ig” by Sabine Boss has won four Quartz trophies for Best Feature Film, Best Screenplay, Best Actor and Best Film Score at the 17th Swiss Film Awards ceremony on Friday evening in Zurich.