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What a waste Why the Swiss dump their rubbish in France

French border towns are reacting after a slew of incidents of Swiss residents being caught dumping rubbish across the border in France.

Ueli Maurer World Cup: ‘You have to separate sport and politics’

As the football World Cup kicks off in Russia, the Swiss finance minister tells why he doesn’t support a boycott of the tournament.

Taking back control How to reconcile direct democracy and international law

As Switzerland continues to debate whether to privilege national or international law, we give a run-down of other options to settle the wrangle.

A tale of two countries ‘You’re Swiss? Stockholm is so beautiful…’

A botched flag-flying attempt this week raised confusion between Switzerland and Sweden. We asked readers why the two are often mistaken.

EU negotiations Would the Swiss model suit a post-Brexit Britain?

After British voters' decision to leave the EU, should post-Brexit negotiations be based on Switzerland’s bilateral treaties with Brussels?

Conference on Disarmament Can the Swiss help revitalise nuclear talks?

Switzerland is taking over the presidency of the world's main multilateral forum for nuclear disarmament, which has been deadlocked for two decades.

Disarmament Why Switzerland hasn’t (yet) signed the treaty banning nuclear weapons

Switzerland has not yet signed or ratified the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty, adopted by the United Nations last summer.