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in depth Vote November 25, 2018

Three issues are before Swiss voters on November 25: cow horns, social welfare detectives and international law.

in depth Brexit and Switzerland

How will the UK's upcoming exit from the European Union affect Switzerland and UK citizens?

in depth Switzerland and the #DroneFrontier's series with swissnex Boston aimed at exploring the changes to policy and society that accompany innovations in drone technology.

in depth Nouvo

Nouvo brings you short videos about Switzerland, Swiss current affairs and the wider world. Keep up to date and watch the videos wherever you are, ...

in depth Education Swiss Made

A portal for international students looking to pursue university studies abroad.

in depth Vote September 23, 2018

What was at stake in the nationwide votes about food production and bicycle promotion in Switzerland?

in depth Vote June 10, 2018

A look at two national votes - on the monetary system and online gambling - and Switzerland's latest bid to host the Olympic Games.

in depth Vote March 4, 2018

Swiss voters had the final say on two issues at the ballot box on March 4: A people's initiative aimed at scrapping the licence fee for the public ...

in depth Fintech Switzerland

A new wave of digital financial technology (fintech) innovations are springing up in Switzerland that could either transform traditional financial ...

in depth The Swiss media landscape

From media habits and press freedom to public broadcasting, learn about how Swiss news is made – and used – in a world of evolving technologies.

in depth Educating Switzerland

How does Switzerland turn out enough skilled workers? How do Swiss universities fare globally? Which languages are taught in schools? Answers here.

in depth Innovation: Switzerland discovers

From basic scientific research to industrial R&D, we bring you stories of how knowledge born in Switzerland has informed and inspired the world.

in depth Making Switzerland home

Expat, immigrant, foreigner: Whatever you call yourself, you’re in good company. One in four people living in Switzerland is not Swiss.

in depth Indian intersection

Switzerland and India may seem like poles apart but they have more in common than you think.

in depth Fact checks by

Our goal is to verify factual statements public figures make about Switzerland or Swiss current affairs.

in depth Surrounded by Europe

A vote approving the re-introduction of immigration quotas for EU citizens has placed Swiss-EU relations in question.

in depth Swiss stories

We wondered: What would happen if we asked people to tell us their Swiss stories, on video?

in depth Points of view publishes op-ed articles by contributors writing on a wide range of topics – Swiss issues or those that impact Switzerland. Over ...

in depth The 2018 World Economic Forum

The biggest names from politics, business and civil society at Davos for the 48th WEF annual congress

in depth 500 years of the Reformation

Events to mark 500 years of the Protestant Reformation will have particular significance in Switzerland, thanks to the reformers Calvin and Zwingli.

in depth Vote September 24, 2017

A look at the issues on the ballot sheet for the September 24 nationwide votes.

in depth Getting the job done

The Swiss apprentice system is admired the world over, as are the high wages and low unemployment rates. The job market can be tough though.

in depth Pressure on the financial sector

Swiss banks are struggling to cope with the aftershock of the financial crisis, tougher regulations, the end of banking secrecy and a series of ...

in depth The ‘capital of peace’

Geneva is known as a hub for dozens of international organisations, the United Nations and over 380 non-governmental agencies.

in depth Ueli Steck - a life in mountaineering

Steck was a record-breaking Swiss climber who pushed boundaries and lived to take on ever more challenging feats in the mountains.

in depth A safe haven

For some, asylum seekers are a drain on the economy and a threat to social stability; for others, helping them is a cornerstone of Switzerland’s ...

in depth WEF Davos 2017

What were the big talking points of the 47th WEF annual meeting?

in depth Nuclear-free energy

Voters have rejected plans for a 45-year limit to Switzerland's nuclear power plants.

in depth Child victims of the system

Despite Switzerland's current reputation as a wealthy country, as recently as the 1970s children from poor families were routinely sent by the ...

in depth Reforming FIFA

Having football's governing body headquartered in Zurich has been both a benefit and bane to Switzerland. With Swiss president Sepp Blatter ...

in depth The Gotthard: a tunnel carving out history

The Gotthard Tunnel is a symbol of Swiss identity and development. It’s the meeting point of Switzerland’s different languages and cultures, as ...

in depth Soaring with Solar Impulse

Solar Impulse 2 (Si2) was the first aircraft of its kind to circle the globe – flown by two Swiss pilots and making several stops along the way.

in depth The Swiss Bridge to Iran

Decades of Swiss outreach through diplomacy, business and other shared interests have played a role among efforts to bring Iran back into the fold ...

in depth ‘We shall not stay long’

During the 19th century people left Switzerland’s Italian-speaking canton of Ticino for a better life abroad. Large numbers went to Australia, the ...

in depth The Short Wave Service during WWII

The Second World War broke out 76 years ago. Switzerland’s neutrality meant it stayed out of the conflict, but its conduct during this period was ...

in depth First World War: 100 years ago

Although neutral Switzerland stayed in the background during the First World War, it was surrounded by warring nations and couldn’t avoid being ...

in depth The Swiss and their guns

Switzerland has one of the highest gun ownership rates in the world because of its militia army. The defence ministry estimates that some two ...

in depth MDGs and beyond

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), established in 2000 to tackle the world's biggest problems, expired in 2015. How successful have they been?

in depth Cultural and natural jewels in Switzerland

The country has no fewer than 12 UNESCO World Heritage sites – places of historical importance which should be preserved for future generations.

in depth How far does a franc go?

What does a franc really get you in a country considered one of the world's most expensive places to live? Our collection of stories on the topic.

in depth The Swiss music scene

There’s a lot more to the Swiss music scene than yodelling and accordions.

in depth Faces of Switzerland

To offer a glimpse of Swiss society and its diversity, this series tells the stories of “ordinary” people of all ages, regions and walks of life.

in depth The Geneva Convention & ICRC

The first Geneva Convention, signed over 150 years ago, lay the cornerstone for the work of the Geneva-based International Committee of the Red ...

in depth High costs: healthcare and eating out

Voters clearly rejected initiatives to create a single health insurance scheme and a level VAT playing field for restaurants and takeaways in a ...

in depth Minimum wage and fighter jets make noise

Voters on May 18, 2014 clearly threw out a proposal to introduce what would have been the world's highest minimum wage. In a much closer result, ...

in depth Immigration quotas approved by voters

A controversial anti-immigration initiative won the Swiss electorate’s backing on February 9, 2014. On the same day, voters rejected a proposal ...

in depth Militia army system under public scrutiny

Swiss voters went to the polls to decide on a proposal to scrap conscription and replace the militia system with a professional army. As part of ...

in depth Salary disparities top ballot sheet

A proposal to limit top executive salaries at a one to 12 ratio against low-paid wages led the last round of nationwide votes in 2013. Also on the ...

in depth Snowden and Switzerland

When whistleblower and former CIA employee Edward Snowden made revelations about alleged illegal spying activities by the United States in Europe ...