Population growth, rich man’s taxes, and gold reserves

On November 30th 2014 voters rejected all three proposals in question: One from a group of ecologists to limit population growth by capping immigration, a plan by a leftwing group which targeted preferential tax rates for wealthy foreigners, and a rightwing attempt to impose strict rules on Switzerland‘s central bank for its gold reserves. It was the fourth and final nationwide ballot this year.

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Immigration curbs and family planning
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Lump sum taxation
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Gold reserves of National Bank
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Key facts

About 5.2 million Swiss citizens, including registered members of Swiss Abroad community, were eligible to take part in the November 30 votes. Voter turnout was 49.4%

About 170,000 people, mainly Swiss expatriates, were allowed to participate in ongoing trials with electronic voting.

Votes and elections also took place on a broad range of issues in numerous cantons and communes on a across the country.

It was the fourth and final set of nationwide ballots on a number of separate issues this year.