Lifestyles and ageing

Gentrification Zurich residents take on real estate investor to keep their homes

Long-time residents of a sprawling apartment complex will lose their homes if a planned renewal project goes ahead.

Supercentenarian Oldest Swiss Abroad dies at age 110

Rodolphe Buxcel, who was born in 1908, passed away last month in Michigan, United States.

employment problems Older jobless struggle to find work

An estimated 100,000 people in Switzerland are jobless and on welfare. Many of them are over 50. We find out why.

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Politics of ageing

Visual data

The numbers Ageing trends go global

The ageing population is increasing at an unprecedented rate in Switzerland and around the world, as this new weekly series of graphics from ...

Demographic dilemma Swiss politicians tackle the issue of ageing

What happens when there are many people who need care, but not enough caregivers? When many people draw money out of pension funds, but not enough ...

Health and ageing

Memory disorders Dementia cases on the rise

There are far more people with dementia in Switzerland than previously thought – and the number is expected to double over the next 25 years.

Health & ageing How less medicine could mean better health

Older patients are often excluded from clinical trials, with the result that much remains unknown about how they are affected by medications. 

A dearth of doctors Wanted: young doctors for old patients

As people live longer, the need for doctors who can deal with the issues facing the elderly is growing. However, the job of a geriatrician is ...

Offshoring care Swiss Alzheimer’s patients find home in Thailand

Palm trees and a swimming pool, games and outings – this is not a holiday camp, but a care home for the elderly at Chiang Mai, in Thailand. The ...

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Too many pills The risks of overmedicating the elderly

Older people in Switzerland take a lot of pills, which can affect their health. It's not always clear how many different medicines a patient is ...

Seniors revolution A look at Switzerland’s ageing society

Switzerland has one of the largest greying populations in the world. How happy are elderly people in this country and what’s life like after ...

Keeping mobile Growing old gracefully teaser

Active Swiss retirees can be found doing anything from scaling mountains to babysitting. Pro Senectute, a Swiss association for the elderly, says the important thing is for “everyone to get older at their own speed and in their own way”.

The European Union has declared 2012 the “European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity Between Generations” to raise awareness of the political potential of the elderly and their role in society (Photos: Keystone, Ex-press)