Caring for the elderly in an ageing society

The increasing number of people living longer and longer lives has sparked worldwide debate over how to ensure that senior citizens “age with dignity”.

Lifestyles and ageing

Growing trend

Swiss prefer cremations to burials

Switzerland has the highest proportion of cremations in Europe, and they have tripled over the past thirty years. (RTS/ In 1983, 30% ...

Swiss men are expected to live to an age of 81.3 years, and women to 85.3

Swiss living longer

How a longer lifespan can be a curse

People are living longer but not necessarily better lives, according to a long-term study being carried out by Swiss universities.

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Politics of ageing
Dancing seniors
Health and ageing
Many older Swiss take as many as ten different medications per day
Geriatrics is a medical specialty with a future, given the increase in the average lifespan in Switzerland
Experts say involving both prisoners and prison staff in research is one way to respect prisoners' autonomy
Physical therapy

Lasting impressions

Growing old gracefully

By Jeannie Wurz

Ageing is often viewed as negative. Does it have to be? This week swissinfo looks at ageing from a variety of viewpoints.