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Parliamentary elections Green gains could tip parliament slightly left

The Swiss parliament is set for a slight shift to the left at the expense of the political right, according to a final pre-election poll.

Parliamentary elections ‘Switzerland is not a country of big ideas’

Why election campaigns in Switzerland are comparatively dull and what it has to do with direct democracy.

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The expatriate Swiss community and the elections

#SWIontour How Swiss expats feel about the EU

Switzerland’s relationship with Europe is a topic that concerns Swiss people living all over the world.

Swiss Abroad Montreux expat meeting gets a glimpse of the future

The Swiss Abroad Congress has heard politicians, scientists and the business community discussing the challenges ahead.

This content was published on August 17, 2019 10:06 PM
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Claude Longchamp - an expert's view

Parliamentary elections 2019 Expat Swiss lead a ‘Green wave’ in opinion polls

A recent opinion poll has shown that a shift towards Green parties is most pronounced among expatriate Swiss citizens. What are the reasons?

Parliamentary elections 2019 Initiatives are not key to election victory

People’s initiatives belong to the tools used by parties in Swiss elections to rally voters to their cause. Yet their mobilising potential is limited.

Mobilisation and parliament elections The power and limitations of the women’s strike

Decentralisation was one reason for the unusually strong turnout at the Swiss women's strike on June 14. But what are the weaknesses of this approach?

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Parliament elections 2019


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The two chamber system How parliamentary elections work in Switzerland

Every four years the Swiss elect political representatives. Parliament is split into two chambers to balance the interests of the different cantons.

Elections 2019 How Switzerland’s parliament has evolved over 50 years

A visual overview of how the political forces in the Swiss House of Representatives have shifted over the past half-century.