Child victims of the system

Despite Switzerland's current reputation as a wealthy country, as recently as the 1970s children from poor families were routinely sent by the authorities to live with farming families as child labourers under a harsh care system. This widely-accepted practice involved tens of thousands of children. Revelations of ill-treatment and abuse have emerged in recent years, prompting a government apology and moves towards official compensation. 

Righting past wrongs
Boys at work in a field in canton Bern, 1940
Lina Zingg wasn't ever allowed a day off 
Guido Fluri, head of the committee that submitted the Reparation Initiative, followed the debate on a television outside the Parliamentary chambers
Guido Fluri opening in 2013 the first national memorial for foster care victims and discarded children
Discarded children till a field in canton Bern in 1954
Guido Fluri's business operates out of canton Zug
There was no proper mechanism to protect children from exploitation and abuse
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