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gender roles Swiss ambassador to Nepal: ‘We have more to do’ on women's rights

The first Swiss female Ambassador to Nepal shares her views about the transition to a federal democratic republic and the progress in women’s rights.

Goat farmer, IT consultant ‘I get involved in things that bring me joy’

Stephan Wagner loves projects; in many ways, they’ve defined his life. He’s founded an IT consulting company and has early plans for a new ...

Pastor ‘The Bible is not a recipe book’

Rene Weber was a dental technician before deciding to sink his teeth into a new calling – the life of a Protestant pastor. Does the Bible provide ...

Historian and handyman ‘Academic freedom is something priceless’

Francesco Garufo started his career as a house painter. He then studied at night to pass his secondary school and university exams. Now the holder ...

Skipper ‘Incredible experiences at a human level’

Sailing used to be her hobby. Now Cristina Lombardi’s sailing skills and ability to navigate the high seas have become a means for her to help ...

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Faces of Switzerland

To offer you a fresh glimpse of Swiss society and its diversity, this series from 2013 tells the stories of “ordinary” people of all ages, regions and walks of life.