Getting the job done

The Swiss apprentice system is admired the world over, as are the high wages and low unemployment rates. The job market can be tough though.

Learning the trade
UBS also partly credits Switzerland's system of apprenticeships with the stability of middle class incomes.
Apprentices learn about a wide range of industries in Switzerland, from agriculture to tourism and IT. 
Unemployment is low in Switzerland, but that's not much of a consolation for people who can't find a job.
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Making it work
Women are dramatically in the minority in tech, but it doesn't stop them pushing forward
More mums are going out to work
Swiss director Anka Schmid showed her new film, 'Wild Women, Gentle Beasts' at Locarno this year
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The price of success?

Labour market Highly qualified and jobless

Higher education is no guarantee of a permanent job. But steps are being taken to help executives get back on the job ladder. (SRF/ ...

Swiss workers being undercut by poorly-paid foreign staff has been an issue for both sides in the building industry for years
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Immigration quotas

Welfare controversy EU jobseekers must be solvent

European Union citizens who are looking for jobs in Switzerland must have enough financial resources to keep themselves afloat before ...

Daddy time One part kids, four parts work

In the past decade, the number of fathers that have opted to work part-time has increased by only a fraction. (SRF/ 

A stone carving apprentice learns on-the-job.