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gender roles Swiss ambassador to Nepal: ‘We have more to do’ on women's rights

The first Swiss female Ambassador to Nepal shares her views about the transition to a federal democratic republic and the progress in women’s rights.

Immigration stories Basel police archives reveal lives of past city residents

Nazi sympathisers, a brothel owner, a political refugee and an independent young woman – all feature in Basel’s archive of immigration police files.

Richard Scarry The best children’s illustrator … ever

Boston-born Richard Scarry, creator of the phenomenally successful Busytown and its animal inhabitants, loved Switzerland’s lakes and mountains so ...

Thomas Mann Magic mountains inspired a German author

The German author, Thomas Mann, had a room with a view over Lake Zurich. There he worked on some of his greatest novels and essays.

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VIP getaway The rich and famous who brought fame to Gstaad

“Oasis of calm” (Paris Hilton), “Love at first sight” (Ernesto Bertarelli), “Most beautiful place in the world” (Richard Burton). And the feeling ...