After the vote

Press review Minimum salary rejection confirms status quo

The difference between the Swiss approach to a minimum wage and that of other industrialised nations played out on the pages of Monday’s newspapers.

Direct democracy And if voters are not always right?

Various recent people’s initiatives in Switzerland have raised doubts about their applicability. The latest concerns paedophilia. At stake is not ...

Issue at stake - Minimum salary

Fight for nationwide limit Swiss say no to world’s highest minimum wage

Voters in Switzerland have rejected plans for a nationwide minimum wage. At CHF22 ($25) an hour, the limit would have been the highest in the world.

Opinion Minimum wages threaten the labour market

A people’s initiative is calling for a minimum wage that is higher than in any country with which Switzerland competes as an export economy, says ...

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Issue at stake - Gripen fighter jets

Gripen fighter jets Wings of air force clipped in nationwide ballot

Voters have rejected the purchase of Swedish fighter jets for Switzerland’s air force. It is the first major defeat for the government in a ballot ...

Swap shop Are Gripen trade promises just an illusion?

Offset, as it’s known in the trade, is a term that has frequently been heard in the Swiss debate on buying 22 Swedish Gripen fighter jets. But, ...

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Issue at stake - Family doctors

GPs in Britain and Switzerland Future of rural doctors hinges on funding

Moves in Switzerland to improve the lot of general practitioners may be coming too late to stem a critical shortage, especially in rural areas. In ...

Health matters Community doctors hope for a shot in the arm

Voters are set to decide on May 18 whether to boost the role of family doctors in the Swiss health system. The constitutional amendment is one of ...

More medical students Remedy presented to cure doctor shortage

Plans are underway to boost the number of medical students at Swiss universities to offset an expected shortage of doctors and limit the influx of ...

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Issue at stake - Banning criminal paedophiles

Treating the disorder Paedophiles ‘live in incredible shame’

Paedophiles, abhorred figures in society, are in the spotlight ahead of a vote on May 18 on banning convicted paedophiles from working with children.

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Democracy in action Going to the polls

A vote weekend in Switzerland - ballots are cast at local, cantonal and national levels. Swiss citizens are called to cast their votes several ...

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