Money matters: child benefits and taxing non-renewables

Voters overwhelmingly rejected plans to scrap the main consumer tax and replace it by a levy on non-renewable energy on March 8, 2015. An initiative to make child allowances and education benefits tax deductible also failed to win support.    

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With just 8% of the vote, the energy tax reform initiative elicited one of the worst results in Swiss history
Families won't receive extra tax breaks for their children - at least not as a result of the March 8 initiative, which was clearly defeated at the ballot box.
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Issues at stake
All political parties in Switzerland agree that it is necessary to support families. The difference lies in what kind of support to offer.
Nuclear energy provides the lion’s share of the current electricity mix at 40%
Families with one or two small children and in which both parents work full time are rare
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Key facts

About 5.2 million Swiss citizens, including registered members of Swiss Abroad community, were eligible to take part in the March 8 votes.

About 194,000 people, mainly Swiss expatriates, were allowed to participate in ongoing trials with electronic voting.

Votes and elections also took place on a broad range of issues in numerous cantons and communes across the country.

It was the first in series of up to three nationwide ballots this year.