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Swiss role as mediator

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Trade issues

Iran nuclear deal Diplomacy – plus commodities – elevate Swiss role on Iran

Switzerland's importance in the overlapping worlds of diplomacy and commodities trading ensure it will have a front seat when Iran's markets open.

Iran embargo Switzerland eases economic sanctions

Switzerland has agreed to partially lift economic sanctions against Iran following “positive developments” at Iranian nuclear talks in Geneva. The ...

Corruption probe US fines Weatherford $253 million

Weatherford International, a Geneva-based oil services firm, has agreed to pay $253 million (CHF229 million) in fines to settle charges of ...

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Humanitarian aid

Humanitarian work Red Cross says health and aid workers face unabated attacks

ICRC president says workers in war zones are facing increasing attacks “and the impact on civilians is nothing but catastrophic”.

This content was published on April 2, 2019 8:20 AM
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World view Behind the scenes in Geneva

Under-secretaries, trainees, ambassadors, nutritionists, security guards and many, many more: around 8,500 people work for the United Nations ...