Switzerland confronts the post-nuclear era

Switzerland has decided to phase out nuclear power by 2050 at the latest. Other forms of energy are being considered to make up for the shortfall. The country is searching for viable alternatives, taking into account the impact on the environment and rising energy consumption.

Global nuclear trends
Abandoning nuclear power
La centrale nucleare di Mühleberg, costruita nel 1972, verrà completamente smantellata a partire dal 2019.
The initiative demands the end of nuclear energy production in Switzerland by 2029
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Alternatives to nuclear power
Wind energy has struggled to take off in the small alpine state

Hydro-electric crisis Water energy faces turbulent future

Switzerland’s hydro plants are facing some stiff competition from cheaper imported energy. The future of loss-making power stations hangs in the ...

The 16,000 m2 of solar panels on the roof of Biel's Tissot Arena can provide enough electricity for 500 households for a year
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