The "capital of peace"

Geneva is known as a hub for dozens of international organisations, the United Nations and over 250 non-governmental agencies. But it's also home to a strong expat community and numerous multinational corporations.

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Inside the UN and international organisations
A tribute to staff killed in the line of duty that was held at ICRC headquarters in Geneva in December 2016
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Anti-torture activists wearing hoods and jumpsuits protest outside the White House in 2011 against the use of Guantanamo prison
"Women's rights are human rights!" was one of the many protest chants heard – in both French and English – on Saturday.
Journalists watched Xi Jinping's speech at the UN remotely and were unable to pose questions
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Expat Life
The new channel will be available, both via cable and web, in the second half of 2017.
Feeling inspired? Unleash it on a billboard
Just over a third of Basel's residents are not Swiss
Geneva is the worst canton for draining disposable income
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Materials used in a primary school English class in Suhr, Switzerland
Più del 40% della popolazione ginevrina è esclusa dalla democrazia diretta cantonale perché non ha la nazionalità svizzera: l'associazione Diritti politici per i residenti ginevrini ha organizzato una consultazione aperta a tutti per chiedere il diritto di voto per gli stranieri anche a livello cantonale.
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Geneva: the facts

French-speaking Geneva is at the western end of Lake Geneva, surrounded on almost all sides by France. The canton has 103 kilometres of borders with Switzerland's neighbour and just 4.5 kilometres with the rest of the country.
The city itself has 185,000 inhabitants, while the canton has 453,439 (2008). The metropolitan Geneva area (which includes nine other towns) covers most of the canton and spreads across into France (population 730,000). Some 40 per cent of the Geneva population is foreign.
Geneva is home to the headquarters of 34 international organisations, such as the World Health Organization, the World Trade Organization and the International Committee of the Red Cross. "International Geneva", as it is known, is worth around CHF3 billion a year to the canton.
In all, some 29,500 international diplomats and civil servants are based in the city, of whom around 2,300 staff are working for 250 non-governmental organisations. Around 9,500 staff work for the United Nations family in Geneva, which is the largest concentration of UN personnel in the world. There are also 174 states represented by permanent diplomatic missions to the UN. Some 930 multinationals are also registered in Geneva, providing over 76,000 jobs.