The Swiss music scene

There’s a lot more to the Swiss music scene than yodelling and accordions.

Folk and traditional music

Nadja Räss Breaking the mould as a Swiss yodeller

Jessica Dacey and Christian Strickler

Yodeller Nadja Räss exemplifies today’s crossover Swiss folk music scene, and is equally happy experimenting in jazz, listening to ...

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Rock and pop

Making it in music Where mojo and money collide in Swiss pop

Jessica Dacey

Ask anyone who are Switzerland’s pop pioneers and they’ll cite dance duo Yello and post-industrial group The Young Gods. What does it take to do ...

Pet Conspiracy Crossing the great wall of sound

In Pet Conspiracy’s world, there are no rules or plans. Maybe that’s why the band’s live shows are so unique. But what connects the ...

Rock In Switzerland

This edition presents the rock scene in Switzerland from its beginnings in the 1960s to the early 1980s. This programme covers developments from ...

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Old instruments made new The bassoon's revenge

With help from Swiss experts, world-renowned musician Lyndon Watts sought to feature his instrument and resurrect one of the greatest models ever ...

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Jazz and blues

Elina Duni Jazz as a cultural bridge

Elina Duni left her roots in Albania at the age of ten and moved to Switzerland. A former student of Bern’s Swiss Jazz School, she combines folk ...

Take five Swiss jazz it up worldwide

Rodrigo Carrizo Couto

Switzerland’s diverse cultural mix has long preserved a special place for jazz music. Young artists are breaking through and building ...

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