2016 US elections - our coverage

Find out why the US election matters to Switzerland, and how similar the sister republics are.

Christoph Blocher (left) says there are no parallels between him and Donald Trump
A peek into the past. Who's nostalgic for the days of the Cold War?
In 1971, fights broke out in Geneva over the Schwarzenbach initiative, which aimed to limit the number of foreigners in Switzerland.

Opinion How America is turning Swiss

Michael Hermann, political scientist

Fear of an excess of foreigners and isolationism: Donald Trump’s political profile is a Swiss invention.

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Swiss-American ties
US President-elect Donald Trump’s surprise victory reflects a rise in populism and anti-globalism across the United States and many parts of Europe.
Cheese is one of the most threatened Swiss exports to the US if TTIP goes ahead
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Switzerland’s view
Supporters of US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump celebrating in front of the White House
Manhattan in the 1930s
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The role of direct democracy
Do you know your recalls from your referendums?
Mountains and democracy in common:  Switzerland and Oregon have a more direct form of democracy than most governments 
Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, who ended his presidential campaign on Tuesday, had raised some $160 million and spent almost $40 million