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Swiss stories

We wondered: What would happen if we asked people to tell us their Swiss stories, on video? Here are the results.

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Swiss stories- a dossier

Tama Vakeesan - Swiss-born, between two cultures

Tama's Tales Re-visiting a refugee centre

Tama Vakeesan visits a refugee centre for the first time since she herself was an asylum- seeker. Her Tamil parents fled the war in Sri Lanka.

Tama’s Tales Let the beat go on!

Tama's friend Priya Ragu, a Swiss-born ethnic Tamil, explains how hard it is making her way in the music world without her parents' support.

Tama's Tales Under suspicion

Tama meets her friend Mondher, who is Swiss with Tunisian roots. He tells how not looking Swiss has got him into trouble.

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Diccon Bewes – a Brit in Bern

Swiss Story Episode 7: The Swiss army knife


Are you an expert with a Swiss army knife? Diccon shows you what Swiss soldiers really use to whittle their sticks. (Diccon Bewes for

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Lawrence Desmond – archaeologist on a Swiss family dig

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Laura and Nina – exploring Bangalore, India

Swiss Story Episode 8: Goodbye India


Nina and Laura's India adventure draws to an end. Here are some of the highlights of their time in Bangalore.

Swiss Story Episode 6: To Bali and beyond


Follow Nina on her travels to Bali and Singapore and find out whether she likes eating frog. Laura and Nina are spending half a year working as ...

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Bi-cultural blogger Tama Vakeesan

Tama Vakeesan is a 29-year-old born in the Swiss town of Langenthal to a Tamil family originally from Sri Lanka.

The Swiss watcher Diccon Bewes

Author of the best-selling book ‘Swiss Watching’, Diccon Bewes addresses the kinds of questions often asked by expats in Switzerland. A ...