Swiss stories

We wondered: What would happen if we gave people iPhones and asked them to tell us their Swiss stories?

Swiss stories- a dossier
Lawrence Desmond – archaeologist on a Swiss family dig

Swiss Story Episode 10: Kids Swiss camp

Lawrence meets the children at the Swiss camp in Newark California and watches them doing typical Swiss sports. Follow Lawrence’s blog on ...

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Diccon Bewes – a Brit in Bern

Swiss Story Episode 7: The Swiss army knife

Are you an expert with a Swiss army knife? Diccon shows you what Swiss soldiers really use to whittle their sticks. (Diccon Bewes for

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Laura and Nina – exploring Bangalore, India

Swiss Story Episode 8: Goodbye India

Nina and Laura's India adventure draws to an end. Here are some of the highlights of their time in Bangalore.

Swiss Story Episode 6: To Bali and beyond

Follow Nina on her travels to Bali and Singapore and find out whether she likes eating frog. Laura and Nina are spending half a year working as ...

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