Stopping traffic

Turn a corner in the village of Koblenz and you’ll see cars and ten-wheeler trucks backed up waiting to enter or exit Germany, blocking the idyllic view of the Rhine River. It’s one of many Swiss border towns struggling to cope with growing traffic.  

Swap shop

Offset, as it’s known in the trade, is a term that has frequently been heard in the Swiss debate on buying 22 Swedish Gripen fighter jets. But, ahead of a nationwide vote, past experience of industrial back-scratching isn’t exactly encouraging.  

Sovereignty for seeds

What farmer wouldn’t want an insect-resistant pepper? Yet opposition is growing to a pepper patent granted to Swiss agrochemical giant Syngenta. A coalition has stepped up the fight against patents and the threat they pose to farmers everywhere. 


Greenpeace, the global environmental NGO, typically leads protests. Last month, it became the target.  

Treating the disorder

Paedophiles, abhorred figures in society, are in the spotlight ahead of a vote on May 18 on banning convicted paedophiles from working with children. Not many people are as familiar with their struggles as psychologist Monika Egli-Alge.  

Building a revolution

Among the Gantenbein vineyards near Fläsch in eastern Switzerland stands a striking piece of architecture – what looks from a distance like an enormous basket filled with grapes is a brick facade built entirely by robots. It could be the future of architecture.  

Construction robots

Flight assembled architecture

Red Cross boss

The head of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Peter Maurer, is trying to make the organisation more transparent. In an interview with, he talks about the challenges of working in the Central African Republic and Syria. 

Between frontlines trailer

ICRC delegates at work


Ukraine annexation

Geneva talks end in roadmap to calm tensions

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), currently chaired by Switzerland, will play a key role in measures announced in Geneva on Thursday to de-escalate tensions in Ukraine.  [...]

Crane enabled

Controversial artwork towers over Zurich

Art installation “Hafenkran” (harbour crane) finally stands in position on the Limmatquai in Zurich on Thursday. The rusty crane, built in 1963 in the German port of Rostock, weighs 90 tonnes with a height of more than 30 metres.  [...]

Smoking warning

E-cigarettes stubbed out by lung experts

Medical pressure groups have come out against a liberalisation of electronic cigarettes, saying more needs to be known about the benefits and risks of the device. The sale of e-cigarettes containing nicotine is banned in Switzerland.  [...]

Unique job ad

Swiss town seeks outgoing hermit


Study abroad still possible for Swiss students

Employment squeeze

Firms fear vote impact on recruiting

Boon and bane

Ukraine crisis puts Swiss OSCE chair in spotlight

Aid for the abused

Hardship fund created for care system victims

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Gripen fighters

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