Switzerland is beautiful, affluent, safe and convenient, yet many Swiss move on. Some find it dull or even claustrophobic. Here are the stories of seven Swiss people who’ve decided to try their luck elsewhere in the world. They are people who’ve “escaped the golden cage” – or at least given up on some of the comforts of Switzerland to pursue new adventures.


Marcela Aguila, Anand Chandrasekhar, Philipp Meier, Susan Misicka, Ruedi Suter


Daniele Mattioli, Georgina Goodwin, Trent Grasse, Rodrigo Muñoz, Bruno Manser Fund

Photo editors

Christoph Balsiger, Thomas Kern, Ester Unterfinger


Filipa Cordeiro, Devaprakash Giretheren, Kai Reusser, Luca Schüpbach


Simon Bradley, Susan Misicka, Jeannie Wurz


Susan Misicka