Andrea Garbald

The Graubünden Museum of Art in Chur is devoting an exhibition to pioneering Swiss photographer Andrea Garbald (1877–1958), who worked his entire life in the southern alpine Bregaglia valley.  

Icy outpost

Dikson – 650 souls, deathly cold in winter, but 23 hours of daytime as of April: it’s the northernmost settlement in Russia, split between the mainland and a nearby island. Swiss photographer Beat Schweizer travelled there to figure out how people can live in such a place.  


In the heart of Geneva, two civil protection shelters, built as nuclear bunkers, are opened in winter for homeless people. For a few nights, forgotten members of society find a roof over their heads, a bed and some warmth.  

Birthplace of film

The series 'Kodak City', by award-winning Lausanne photographer Catherine Leutenegger, is an unembellished account of the decline of the industrial city of Rochester, New York. There, life appears to have stopped with the death of photographic film, drowning in the digital wave.  

Home from home

Switzerland isn’t the only country where you can find towns called Bern, Zurich or Geneva. Over the years Swiss emigrants have settled in every continent, and often named their new homes after their old ones.  

Hollywood hopes

The 86th Academy Awards are taking place in Los Angeles on Sunday. Bernese film-maker Simon Steuri dreams of a breakthrough in Hollywood – and perhaps even an Oscar. Far from naive, he bases his career on good old hard work.  

Scheidegger snaps Giacometti

Photographer Ernst Scheidegger and sculptor Alberto Giacometti met during military service and became lifelong friends. Scheidegger took hundreds of black-and-white photos of Giacometti, covering the period from 1943 until Giacometti’s death in 1966. Recently the photographer discovered 40 previously unpublished colour images in his archive.  

Photographer Marc Renaud

Few themes absorb and polarise society today like the issue of security. Swiss photographer Marc Renaud looks at the psychological dimension through three very different approaches.  

A quick peek

Artists, outsiders, models ... they are among the 100 "people with interesting ways of life" depicted in a new Swiss photo book. The portraits were taken from a series on the Swiss at home, published in the SonntagsZeitung newspaper since 2002.  

Olympic Games

The Black Sea resort of Sochi is hosting the Winter Olympics from February 7-23. For two weeks all eyes will be on Russia, where athletes will compete for 98 medals in 15 disciplines.