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Behind every story we report on Nouvo there’s a percentage, a number, a fact.

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Biodiversity threat Hunting down invasive plant species

Bern volunteers make war on invasive plants that threaten biodiversity.

nouvo Littering kills

Dropping the odd bit of rubbish on the ground won’t hurt anyone, right…? Actually, it can, and that’s why this video contains sensitive content.

Hive of activity Breeding bees in Swiss valleys

Swiss photographer and beekeeper Marc Latzel has documented a special type of bee that thrives among the Alps.

nouvo Who's hiding in those lobbies?

In this episode we wander around lobbies and corridors to explain how interest groups get the ear of the politicians elected to the Swiss parliament.

nouvo Switzerland in quotes

From the press to TV news, tweets or even official press releases, there are plenty of people commenting on what’s going on in Switzerland.

Submerged When the ‘flood of the century’ crippled Switzerland

When the “flood of the century” coursed through Switzerland 20 years ago, lakes and rivers overflowed and left a terrible mess in their wake. ...

nouvo Local superfoods as superheroes

The interest in so-called superfood has grown recently but some of them are pretty bad for the planet. Here are some local options.

Hydroengineering Tunnelling through a glacier keeps villages from flooding

A glacial lake in Switzerland has been filling with meltwater, endangering the residents of the valley.

Freedom for swiss Felines Playing cats and ladders in Switzerland

One in three Swiss households has a cat. So it's no surprise that the nation's cat lovers go to extremes to improve the lives of their feline friends.

The sounds of... From Zurich to the skies: the daily work of the world's airports

Behind the scenes at Zurich Airport, baggage handlers are working on a tight schedule to ensure that passengers’ luggage gets safely delivered to ...

Bovine battle These are the rules of Swiss cow fighting

The fiery Hérens cow breed is a symbol for the Swiss canton of Valais, where bovine fights have become a traditional spring attraction.

In photos Switzerland, a nation of gun lovers

Shooting is a favourite leisure sport in Switzerland. But gun lovers fear a new weapons law could spoil their fun.