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Photography Switzerland after sundown

By day, photographer Dominic Büttner works with light to capture the best shots for his clients. By night, however, he seeks out darker corners, ...

nouvo An untaxed pollutant

In comparison to cars, planes fill up their tank without having to pay any tax on their fuel. This was decided at the end of WWII and despite the ...

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nouvo Big brother, farm style

A project run by the federal Government and the University of Bern is trying to find out the best farming conditions for hens and rabbits. They’ve ...

singing course Yodelling for beginners visits a beginners yodelling course to find out how it's done.

yodelling The "Kehlkopfschlag"

Ursula Gernet demonstrates the "Kehlkopfschlag" yodel technique. 

yodelling The "Sing" yodel

Ursula Gernet demonstrates the "Sing" yodel technique. 

Yodelling major Elevating ancient singing form to degree level

At the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, you can now major in yodelling as part of a bachelor degree in folk music. 

NOUVO Coding education in primary schools

Canton Vaud is launching a pilot project in primary schools. Kids learn how a computer and its processes work, by playing games - and without ...

nouvo Young and extremists

According to a study on the extent of extremist attitudes of youth in Switzerland, 6% of youngsters under 18 can be classified as right-wing ...

Photography 'We recreate borders in people's minds'

Photographer Alberto Campi takes us on the migrant trail.

The 'Santons' come marching in A Swiss nativity scene with a French touch

Joseph, Mary, and the Christ Child are joined by common folk in a priceless nativity scene on show in northern Switzerland.

nouvo Food and drugs on the shelves

Migros has been doing business in the health care domain for over ten years already. While getting prescription drugs at the supermarket seems ...

Melting ice Glaciers in the Alps - before and after

Move the slider left and right to see how major glaciers in the Alps have dramatically changed over the past century.

nouvo Country 1, city 0

The Mobak study showed that children growing up in the country have better motor skills than their peers who grow up in the city. But ...