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Coronavirus dining Out to eat again – with caution

After weeks of closure, Swiss restaurants, pubs and cafés have been open again since May 11. But the situation is not quite back to normal. For ...

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Democracy Lab What remains of Swiss democracy after Covid-19 measures?

Parliament was cancelled. A referendum was postponed. The government ruled alone by emergency decree. Where does that leave direct democracy? 

Coronavirus' silver linings - E05

In the fifth episode of our series, there's a semi-professional baker, brave river surfers, a vintage phone that still works and more!

Coronavirus cartoons Swiss reach for comic relief to beat the lockdown blues

The Covid-19 confinement measures have changed and slowed down the lives of many people, but Swiss cartoonists are busier than ever.

Covid-19 impact Low expectations for high life in Swiss mountain huts

Swiss alpine huts are not exactly putting out the welcome mat, warning that visitors can only come if they bring a mask, disinfectant, and their ...

Coronavirus' silver linings - E04

It turns out there is some good in all this craziness! In the fourth episode of our new series, there's colourful ducks, tasty baked goods, big ...

switzerland explained How the Swiss asylum system works

Switzerland has a long humanitarian tradition but who can apply for asylum in the country and how?

Coronavirus' silver linings - E03

In the third episode of our new series, there's a bit of romance, soothing nature, family bliss and more!