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Open-air art Extravagant photographs shown in lakeside town of Vevey

Every two years Vevey becomes a town of photographs. For three weeks, monumental pictures are shown at the festival, "Images Vevey", Switzerland's largest open-air exhibition of its kind.

Sixty-one projects, and 58 artists from 19 countries are presenting their works on the theme: "Extravaganza. Out of the ordinary". 

The oversized photographs are wallpapered on houses and placed in parks, projected onto facades and streets or afloat in the lake.

"Extravagance" comes to the fore as a huge whale floating above the rooftops of Paris, captured by Daido Moriyama, or the traffic policeman who performs a handstand at a crossroads and is observed by a colleague. Vevey's townscape is the perfect canvas for these larger-than-life images.

The Festival runs until September 30.