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Parenting series In Switzerland, having a child is becoming a luxury

Women in Switzerland are having fewer children, and they are having them later. Our series on parenting in Switzerland explores why.

Religious diversity Is Switzerland a Christian nation?

Although Christianity dominates the Swiss religious landscape, the Alpine country is home to a variety of other religions and sects.  

2019 Swiss Elections Politicians prefer knocking on doors to posting on Instagram

In the lead-up to parliamentary elections, all Swiss political parties are using social media, but they remain less active online than on the streets.

Parliamentary elections Record number of women running for parliament

Never before have so many candidates entered the race for a seat in the Swiss parliament.

Swiss exports How much would a German economic downturn hit Switzerland?

The German and Swiss economies are closely linked, especially in certain sectors. This is how the trade relationship has developed.

Parliamentary elections 2019 Where do the Swiss Abroad win political support?

A look at which major political parties were most friendly to expat Swiss over the last four years.

By the numbers How climate change affects Switzerland

On average, Switzerland is about 1.9° Celsius hotter now than in 1864. Where and by how much have temperatures most drastically changed?

Elections 2019 How Switzerland’s parliament has evolved over 50 years

A visual overview of how the political forces in the Swiss House of Representatives have shifted over the past half-century. 

Weather What ‘dangerously hot’ means in Switzerland

High temperatures have caused MeteoSwiss to issue the highest heatwave warnings since 2015 in some areas.

Artistic imbalance Women artists struggle for visibility in Swiss museums

Male artists far outnumber their female counterparts in Swiss art museums, our research shows.

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