Christoph Balsiger


Seit 2002 als Bildredaktor bei Kürzel: chr


Reportagefotografie, historische Fotografie

Flowers for Art 2017 Aargau Art Museum

Aarau Museum of Fine Arts Say It With Flowers!

Expert florists in Switzerland stepped out of their ordinary work environment to demonstrate their profession can be about more than making bouquets.

Frozen stills The big freeze: your pictures

When the temperature drops in Switzerland, it doesn't just get icy. Fantastic natural ice sculptures are created along lakesides.

Dazzling art Festival lights up Geneva

Geneva is being shown off in a contemporary light thanks to art installations and projections alongside the traditional Christmas decorations.

Police carry a Greenpeace activist dressed as an orangutan, protesting damage to rainforests from production of palm oil, outside a Nestlé general meeting at Lausanne in 2010.
Wer träumt nicht manchmal davon, ganz anders zu leben als alle anderen - beispielsweise in einem Baumhaus?
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