Duc-Quang Nguyen


Born and raised by lake Geneva in Switzerland. PhD in genetics from Oxford University. Previously, quantitative analyst for a hedge fund in Chicago & in Zug. I currently deal with everything data at swissinfo.ch, namely data analysis and visualisation. When I'm not coding, I write data-led stories in French or in English. Initials: DQN


Data-driven journalism. Migration, politics, economics, science and technology.

Stylish businessmen not flashy millionaires appear to be the target clientele of watchmakers this year
The mechanical watch (here a model from 1956) went out of fashion before making a comeback after the year 2000
The measles virus under a microscope. It's the most contagious infectious disease known to humans
A note in September 2010 announcing that the Metro in Athens was closed. Greek railway and public transport workers had gone on strike against planned reforms to the debt-ridden country's state transport systems
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