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Jewish history A tale of passports, profiteers and escaping Nazi persecution

An exhibit in Basel is shining light on a little-known underground effort in Switzerland to help European Jews escape from Nazi-occupied territories.

Art and science How Swiss artists are joining in the climate change debate

Switzerland’s identity, so closely tied to its climate, is changing as the country slowly warms. Artists are now stepping into the mainstream debate.

Fair and sustainable beans Changing the coffee trade one farmer at a time

One couple in Switzerland is connecting consumers with coffee farmers in Ethiopia to make the best and most sustainable cup of coffee.

All change! A century of design on the move

The Swiss Museum for Design has opened an exhibition showcasing the iconic signs that adorn Swiss railways and trains.

#swiss history pics Bally keeps in step with the times

A region in northern Switzerland lived and worked in harmony with the Bally shoe factory. The rest as they say is history.

Swiss elections 2019 Swiss political parties in election fever

The parties’ election campaign for the October 20 parliamentary elections has kicked off. In very different style.

Traditional swiss food The ‘wurst’ is yet to come!

Switzerland enjoys celebrating a lot of different types of traditions, so it's hardly surprising that a sausage world championship – or Wurst ...

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