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Infection data Why more women than men have got Covid-19 during lockdown

Data reveals that women represent a more sizeable share of total infections after the lockdown started. What’s behind the phenomenon?

Health and finance Healthcare expenses keep rising in Switzerland

The Swiss healthcare system is costly, and the financial burden – especially for private households and the cantons – is increasing.

Education trends Why more women than ever are doing PhDs in Switzerland

Women are catching up to men when it comes to pursuing doctoral degrees.

Global Health Funding the World Health Organization: where the US money goes

The United States has temporarily suspended its funding to the Geneva-based World Health Organization (WHO). How was the money spent?

Climate change Extreme winters in Switzerland are becoming more frequent

As coronavirus continues its devastation, it is easy to lose sight of the major crisis before the pandemic: climate change. We delve into the ...

Coronavirus crisis Has Switzerland got enough hospital beds?

In many countries the number of hospital beds has decreased in recent years. This could become a problem during the coronavirus crisis.

Coronavirus crisis Swiss real estate market suffers fallout from epidemic

The Covid-19 crisis could spell an end to the previously rosy situation for Switzerland’s real estate investors.

covid-19 Chasing the numbers behind the virus in Switzerland

For those not on the frontline, the fight to rein in the spread of the coronavirus often boils down to watching an unfolding data game.