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Forum Are you a Swiss expat? What kind of expo would you like?

In Switzerland, ideas for the next national exhibition are percolating. What role should the Swiss living around the world play? Join the discussion!

#weareswissabroad photos Santa in the sun - how the Swiss Abroad celebrate the holidays

The #WeAreSwissAbroad community of the Swiss diaspora shares photos from the holiday season.

#Weareswissabroad: Silvia Spross Being Swiss-born is 'like winning the lottery'

As a child, Swiss-born Silvia Spross dreamt about the United States. Today, she has realised that dream by living in Los Angeles.

#WeAreSwissAbroad In Vienna, Samuel Heger found his dream job – and love

Samuel Heger left Switzerland to boost his career. In Vienna, he finally found true love. As a Swiss abroad, he regrets not being able to vote online.

#WeAreSwissAbroad How a Swiss artist found her vocation in London

Noémie Schwaller started her own fashion magazine in London. She explains why she left Switzerland and how she views her homeland today.

Peak Swissness Skiing cow ‘calves’ it down the mountain

A publicity stunt showing a skiing Swiss cow has gone viral on social media.

#WeAreSwissAbroad ‘My future is in Switzerland’

The Bianco brothers, Alex and Thomas, currently live with their parents in central Italy. They talk to about their Swiss passion.

#WeAreSwissAbroad Dear Swiss living abroad…

We’re on Instagram! Please share your pictures using the hashtag #WeAreSwissAbroad.

Viral tourism campaign In Basel, it’s the Pokémon that are on the hunt

Basel Tourism, the tourism agency of the northwestern Swiss city, has pulled off a publicity stunt inspired by the popular Pokémon Go game. A ...

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