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'Make Swiss democracy safe again' How e-voting became a fight for democracy

After years of tests, Swiss e-voting is at a crossroads. The government wants to extend it; a cross-party campaign wants to stop it altogether.

IPMC2019: Otfried Jarren ‘Journalists must get a grip’ to protect independent media

How has mass media, and its impact on society, changed over the past 40 years? Otfried Jarren has spent his career immersed in that question. 

IPMC2019 Public media and young viewers: are they flicking over?

One year after voters thumpingly rejected the idea of scrapping the licence fee, the SBC tackles the challenge of securing future audiences.

Political ranking Global democracy looking better as Switzerland slips

Increased political participation around the world has halted a democratic backslide according to the latest democracy index.

Multilateralism UN migration pact: A hard landing for ‘soft law’

The uproar caused by the UN migration pact may have been political, but it also raises questions about the legitimacy of such agreements.

Federal Council elections What’s the essence of modern leadership?

As Switzerland unveils its two newest Federal Councillors, we asked readers, experts, and politicians what kind of skills they should have.

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