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Health data  Switzerland, land of big pharma, tries to reel in AI startups

Artificial intelligence could do wonders for hospitals: sharper diagnosis, fewer admin chores and more time spent with patients. 

Counterfeit bullion Can Swiss refineries stay ahead of forgers?

Swiss refineries have come under the spotlight following revelations of the existence of fraudulently stamped gold bars.

Hidden talents  Swiss start-up incubator bets on migrants and refugees 

Refugees and migrants can be people in dire need – a widespread perception that undermines their integration in Switzerland and around the world. 

Historical book From Nazis to refineries: How Switzerland has handled the world’s gold

A new book exposes the dark history of gold laundering in Switzerland and the modern challenge of cleaning up a lucrative industry.

This content was published on June 23, 2019 11:00 AM

Mining and human rights How Glencore does its homework

Swiss commodity giant Glencore is often under fire for its human rights record. Glencore’s sustainability chief explains its due diligence approach.

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