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Facts behind myths Why are Swiss mums assumed to be ‘stay-at-home’?

Despite making strides in the workplace, women still do most of the childcare, as we find out in our latest reader-driven fact check.

Downloading and uploading What the new Swiss copyright law means for consumers of pirated online content

Rather than penalise those who download content that infringe copyright, the amendments target hosting providers.

International Day of Democracy Press freedom becomes a test case for Swiss foreign policy

As Switzerland and other countries back multilateral efforts to bolster a free press, NGOs are watching to see if concrete actions will follow.

fact check Are most Swiss residents rich?

Following reader suggestions, we find out if most people calling Switzerland home can afford diamond rings and fur coats or are just making ends meet.

fact check Do tightened gun laws lead to greater security?

Closing loopholes in the existing gun law will further protect citizens, says the Swiss government. Opponents who disagree may be on to something.

Swiss political campaigns ‘Fake news’: The thorny question of safeguarding elections

As Americans vote in highly anticipated mid-terms, in Europe concern is growing over disinformation and manipulation derailing democratic processes.

Fact check Does Switzerland produce half of all the food it needs?

So says the government as it tries to convince voters to reject a proposal calling for greater ethical standards in food production. Is it right?

media woes Embattled news industry finds allies in ivory tower

The Initiative for Media Innovation wants to find novel ways to help struggling outlets thrive in the digital age.

Health care access In Switzerland, who should foot the bill for pricey ambulance rides?

Patients pay for most emergency transport out of pocket, but some argue ambulance interventions should be billed to basic health insurance.

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