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Well-being One-fifth of students report chronic health issues

Students report more health problems than the rest of the population, a Swiss study has found.

Education Listening to deaf children’s needs

In Switzerland many deaf pupils go to mainstream schools. But the Swiss Federation of the Deaf says that many pupils struggle with this approach.

Education indicators OECD: upward educational mobility ‘possible in Switzerland’

People from disadvantaged groups advance in education better than in many other countries, says the OECD. But there is still room for improvement.

Abstract art Swiss surrealism: where the imaginary becomes real

Is there such a thing as Swiss Surrealism? The first ever major exhibition on the theme at the Aargauer Kunsthaus gives some answers.

Back to the books When school holidays might be too long

Children in Switzerland are returning to school after the long summer break. But do they have summer learning loss?

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