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New banknote How to set aside CHF1,000

The latest version of the world’s most valuable banknote has been unveiled. How much effort does it take to earn or save enough for one?

Eyes and ears On the road with Switzerland’s public broadcaster

Switzerland has a long history of public media – and the challenge of keeping it current for future generations.

Advances Swiss cancer research yields breast-saving fat, better detection

The incidence of breast cancer in Switzerland is high, but research offers hope – especially the finding that cancer cells can be converted into fat.

Intrusion test Hackers wanted for Swiss e-voting system

Now open: Registration for anyone who wants to help reveal cracks in Switzerland’s future e-voting system – and maybe earn a cash bounty.

Conservation Using Swiss AI and drones to count African wildlife

After a promising first run in Namibia, a Swiss project could aid savanna conservation using drones and automatic image analysis.

Food science Cheesy study helps find the perfect fondue

Swiss researchers have been busy testing the texture of cheese fondue – more specifically, how it flows. Or not.

Breeder benefits New cash bonus for babies born south of the Swiss Alps

In an effort to boost the local birthrate, the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland is introducing a CHF3,000 ($3,032) bonus for having a child.

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People and predators Wolves: welcome or worrying?

Should an area in south-western Switzerland be a predator-free zone? A local initiative wants to eliminate protected species like wolves.

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