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Covid-19 How Swiss police approach coronavirus crowd control

As people fail – or forget – to comply with social distancing rules, some wonder why the police aren’t cracking down harder.

‘Earth Overshoot Day’ The Swiss need three planets – in theory

Environmental activists calculate that Switzerland has already used up its share of natural resources for 2020.

Bright idea? Matterhorn light show sparks joy and dismay

A beacon of hope? Light pollution? The nightly displays on an Alpine peak are entertaining virtual visitors while worrying conservationists.

Cost of living Ranking finds Swiss cities less expensive

Zurich and Geneva have slid down the rankings since last year. The full effect of the coronavirus crisis remains to be seen.

This content was published on April 14, 2020 9:48 AM

Traditions What Easter is normally like in Switzerland

In Switzerland, the long Easter weekend is usually a time for festive gatherings and maybe a trip to another part of the country. Not this year.

Covid-19 and the climate Can coronavirus help the environment?

Less smog over China, clearer canals in Venice, better air quality in parts of Switzerland – how much is due to coronavirus measures?

Wage report How much do Swiss people earn today?

In this year’s Swiss salary round-up, we focus on the people working especially hard during the coronavirus crisis.

Coronavirus How the Swiss food supply chain is coping with Covid-19

Running out of rice? Low on loo roll? In fact Switzerland has enough to last for months, but stockists are putting in serious overtime. 

#SWIonTour ‘Holy cow!’ This Swiss never thought he’d be a cop in the US

Two decades ago, Adrian Hoesli followed his father to America for a fresh start. Though they don’t see eye to eye on guns, both share Swiss values.

Poverty How Swiss welfare works

If you are unable to provide for yourself or your family in Switzerland, there are systems in place to help.

Without work Who can collect Swiss unemployment benefits?

If you lose your job in Switzerland, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits. This is what you need to know.

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People and predators Wolves: welcome or worrying?

Should an area in south-western Switzerland be a predator-free zone? A local initiative wants to eliminate protected species like wolves.

Sustainability Why don’t the Swiss recycle more plastic?

For 30 days, journalist Susan Misicka saved all of her plastic garbage, but found that not even half of it could be recycled.

Way to White House How Swiss is the US electoral system?

The US electoral system may seem rather unique, but it actually has a lot in common with Switzerland’s brand of democracy. Here’s how they compare.

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Solar Impulse 2

Solar Impulse 2 (Si2) was the first aircraft of its kind to circle the globe – flown by two Swiss pilots and making several stops along the way.

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Portrait series Faces of Switzerland

To offer you a glimpse of Swiss society and its diversity, this series tells the stories of “ordinary” people of all ages, regions and walks of life.

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