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Babel in Bern The art of interpreting in Switzerland’s polyglot parliament

Ensuring Swiss politicians can understand each other is challenging, stressful but rewarding, says one of parliament’s official interpreters.

Presidential explainer Switzerland’s 19 living ex-presidents: a political record

Nineteen former Swiss presidents are still alive. What does this record say about the country’s political stability and leadership? 

Swiss diplomacy What are Switzerland’s good offices good for?

As tensions and oil prices rise in the Middle East, the Swiss foreign ministry is offering its good offices. But what are they?

Elections 2019 Who can vote in Switzerland? Who can’t?

Ahead of parliamentary elections on October 20, looks at the third of the Swiss resident population that is disenfranchised.

Expat survey Expats in Switzerland report hot scenery and cold locals

Switzerland is the 38th-best country to live as an expat. While this is up six places on last year, the champagne corks aren’t popping yet. 

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