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Presidential explainer Switzerland’s 19 living ex-presidents: a political record

Nineteen former Swiss presidents are still alive. What does this record say about the country’s political stability and leadership? 

Exhibition Remembering Max Bill, the one-man Bauhaus

On the centenary of Bauhaus, the influential German design school, a major exhibition in Zurich is devoted to Swiss all-rounder Max Bill.

Loo-flushing, explosives & gold Fact check: Lonely guinea pigs and other quirky Swiss rumours

Is that really true? We asked you whether you’d heard anything about Switzerland that sounded suspicious and that you wanted us to check out.

Naturalisation questions Becoming Swiss: ‘Where do I sign?’

Swiss citizenship is highly sought after – and correspondingly hard to get. looks at how to get the naturalisation ball rolling.

Sleepers Swiss night trains: past, present and future

The Swiss Federal Railways is discussing re-investing in sleeper trains, reacting to a public increasingly sceptical of flying short distances.

Grave concern Facing up to Switzerland’s Roman past

Meet Adelasius Ebalchus. He lived in what is now northern Switzerland some 1,300 years ago, centuries after the collapse of the Roman Empire.

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