It took four nationwide votes since the 1980s to ease the strict citizenship procedure for third generation immigrants 
Putting the Swiss constitution above international law: The initiative by the Swiss People's Party is a "legal botch-up" according to critics
The tax rates of foreign and domestic companies will be harmonised under the new law. The pictures shows the headquarters of the food multinational in Vevey on Lake Geneva  
Paid leave for young fathers - one of six people's initiatives launched in 2016
Actuellement, la procédure pour obtenir le passeport suisse peut s'avérer longue et coûteuse. 
Top score for national pride: An overwhelming majority of respondents said they are proud of Switzerland 
Beznau's power reactor 2 would have closed next year if voters had approved a nuclear phase out
Justice Minister Sommaruga says the amendments adapt the stock corporation law to the requirements of the 21st century
Jacob says the latest presidential election will give an impetus to direct democracy in the US
Saudi Arabia is currently involved in the conflict in Yemen
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