Veronica DeVore


A Swiss-American journalist mainly covering education, migration and youth issues - plus the occasional story on cheese, given her roots in Switzerland and Wisconsin. She also produces podcasts and works on the social media team. Initials: vdv


Education and apprenticeships, migration, politics, start-ups and innovation

The British pound has lost value against the Swiss franc and other currencies since the Brexit vote
"For democracy in Turkey": a demonstration in Bern on Saturday
A still shot from Swiss public television during coverage of the first moon landing
Zug's professional hockey team in action. The hockey academy trains top talent for the team's future while training the athletes in office-based apprenticeships
The measles virus under a microscope. It's the most contagious infectious disease known to humans
Asylum seekers help in a kitchen a restaurant  in canton Valais employing people getting social assistance
Skaters enjoy the smooth black ice on the Seealp lake in Appenzell 
The old town of Bern.  In 2013, the authorities here passed the strictest citizenship law in Switzerland which stipulates that applicants may not be receiving social aid and must pay back any they have received in the past decade.
A new way of bringing people from different walks of life face-to-face around a table
Two female members of the Swiss House of Representatives collaborate during a session of parliament. About 30% of Switzerland's parliamentary seats are held by women
The two candidates traded blows in the third and final presidential debate ahead of the November 8 presidential election
Care work is the third most-chosen apprenticeship for young people in Switzerland
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