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Slovakia's Prime Minister Robert Fico speaks during an interview with Reuters in Bratislava, Slovakia, in this February 22, 2016 file photo. Fico was undergoing an unscheduled examination at the country's cardiovascular diseases centre on April 14, 2016, his spokeswoman said. REUTERS/David W Cerny/Files


BRATISLAVA (Reuters) - Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico is to remain at a specialist clinic until at least the end of this week after suffering chest pains last week and will therefore miss presenting the new cabinet's programme in parliament on Monday.

Deputy Prime Minister for Investments Peter Pellegrini will step in, government spokeswoman Beatrice Szaboova said.

Parliament is expected to debate the programme for several days before approving it and giving the new cabinet a vote of confidence later this week.

The four-party coalition has a comfortable majority of 81 votes in the 150-member parliament.

"His health hasn't worsened but we want to be sure," senior doctor Vasil Hricak said on Monday. "Fico made the decision to stay himself based on our recommendations."

Examinations at the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases did not confirm a heart attack.

The 51-year-old Fico is a regular jogger and plays football. He has a history of spinal problems and sports-related injuries but no known heart issues.

He was appointed prime minister for the third time last month following an election won by his leftist Smer party.

(Reporting by Tatiana Jancarikova; Editing by Tony Jimenez)


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